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This documentation is a work in progress.

Let us know if some information is not clear, inaccurate or missing. Also feel free to update the wiki yourself.

Windsor tutorial - ASP.NET MVC 3 application (To be Seen)

Modified on 2011/02/20 13:35 by Krzysztof Ko┼║mic Categorized as toBeSeen, tutorial


This is introductory tutorial that will get you up to speed with using Windsor in a simple web application. The application is called To be seen and helps user collect information about upcoming movies, CDs, books, events etc, and set up reminders for when they come up.

The tutorial assumes no prior familiarity with Windsor, any other container or related concepts. However a sound knowledge of C# and some experience with ASP.NET (hopefully in its MVC incarnation) is required.

You can find the entire code for finished application on github.


So far the following parts were published:


Building the app

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