Changes to lifestyles and release policies in Windsor codename "Wawel"

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Unreleased code

Please note that this page talks about future version of Windsor (codenamed Wawel) which is currently not in any stable form. This means that information contained herein can get quickly out of date and final product may expose different behavior/API. Your feedback here is greatly appreciated.


Windsor codename Wawel, introduces some major changes in API and behavior of lifestyles. Those changes are targeted at giving lifestyle managers more control over tracking of the components they... manage.


Number of changes in the API was made. Also semantics of some methods have changed.

The Track method

The ILifestyleManager has one new method:

void Track(Burden burden, IReleasePolicy releasePolicy);
The method has default implementation in AbstractLifestyleManager which replicates the behavior from previous versions (save for the differences in behavior of IReleasePolicy discussed below).

The goal of this method is to fix and properly encapsulate the decision making process that Windsor goes through to