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An introduction
Explains what's ActiveRecord and how it might help you to get more productive.

Getting Started
A tutorial for "how", after the introduction explains "what".

Configuration Reference
Explains the configuration options and schema, and provides some illustrative examples as well.

Illustrates the usage of attributes to map fields and relations.

Type hierarchy
Discuss approaches to achieve inheritance within your object model and map it correctly to the underlying database.

Explains the Before* methods that can be overridden.

Active Record Internals
This article explains the internals of ActiveRecord. How it extracts the mapping information, how far it goes validating it and so on.

Explains the SessionScope and TransactionScope classes.

Schema Pitfalls
How ActiveRecord deals with schema creation and deletion, alternatives and which one is best for a specific scenario.

Using HQL
Illustrates the usage of HQL.

Presents the ActiveRecordValidationBase that is able to validate properties with predefined validators.

Advanced usage
Discuss the usage of multiple databases and the usage of nullable types.

Something went wrong? Check what problems we had and how we work around them.

Best practices
Some recommendations.


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