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Windsor Done Criteria

Modified on 2010/08/28 08:46 by Krzysztof Ko┼║mic Categorized as Contributing


These are the done criteria for Castle Windsor. Every patch/pull request has to comply with these. Also any commit has to.

Done criteria

Before committing any change make sure all the following items are met:

  1. The change makes sense and brings value.
  2. The code complies with Castle coding standards.
  3. The code compiles in all versions (that currently means .NET 3.5sp1, .NET 4 (full and client profile), Silverlight 3 and 4, possibly Mono in the (nearish) future).
  4. The change has tests, with reasonably good code coverage.
  5. All tests pass in all versions we build.
  6. If needed (that is change is something more significant than fixing a typo or formatting update) readme.txt is updated.
  7. If the change is breaking, breakingchanges.txt is updated.
  8. The change works with child containers, NoTrackingReleasePolicy or other non-standard configuration that may affect it.
  9. Documentation wiki is accordingly updated.
  10. Related issues in issue tracker are accordingly updated.

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