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Sending E-mail

Modified on 2010/05/10 10:09 by Martijn van Rheenen Categorized as Sending E-mail
It is easy to send emails using MonoRail combining templates as you do with the views. Layouts are not applied to e-mail templates, though.

The most manual way to send an email is to configure a Castle.Components.Common.EmailSender.Message instance and invoke DeliverEmail which is exposed by the Controller class.

A better way is to externalize the configuration of the Message. You can do that by creating view templates on the mail folder under your views directory. You can even add headers like from, to and subject to the template. They will be used to properly set up the Message instance. The rest of the view template will be considered the e-mail body. If the body starts with an tag, the Message format will be changed to Html.

The method RenderMailMessage can be used to create a configured Message instance based on the specified template. It gives you a chance to modify the message before sending it with DeliverEmail.

The method RenderEmailAndSend is a combination of the methods above. It creates the Message instance and sends it.

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