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This documentation is a work in progress.

Let us know if some information is not clear, inaccurate or missing. Also feel free to update the wiki yourself.


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Windsor roadmap

Suggesting features/improvements for future versions

Windsor (and more broadly speaking entire Castle stack) is a community driven open source project. What that means, is that it's roadmap is greatly influenced by suggestions from its users. You can influence it, by voting on, and suggesting new improvements on our UserVoice website.


Planning for version 4 has not yet started. As such, all options are on the table and while we have a vision of where we want to take the container in this version, it's still vague and sketchy and subject to change (based on your feedback).

Tentatively the following features are likely to be in one form or another part of the release (depending on your support which includes contributing code):

  • New base class for IWindsorInstaller implementors exposing more terse registration API
  • Support for redefining component registration from config
  • Streamlined and simplified API and internal architecture
  • Simple support for pre-created proxy types
  • More in-depth diagnostic logging

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